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Now $89.00 (reg. $150.00)
$89 for Sealcoating a 2-car driveway (up to 800 square feet) - a $150 value!

Type: Contractor ServiceMerchant: DNM Sealcoating


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Key features


The experienced technicians at DNM Sealcoating have been seal-coating driveways and parking lots for 20 years. They begin the seal-coating process by cleaning the asphalt with brushes, brooms, and blowers, before mixing an asphalt emulsion with slate, sealer, and other additives to strengthen and bind the product. Lastly, they power-edge the border of the driveway and apply the emulsion with a 4-foot microbristle brush for a uniform finish. Once the techs are finished, driveways must be blocked off for 24–36 hours to prevent marks from car tires. In addition to sealing surfaces, techs fill cracks in your driveway up to 20 linear feet before applying sealant.

The small print

Additional fees may apply for crackfilling more than 20 linear feet and for driveways larger than 800 square feet.

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DNM Sealcoating
Phone: (630)365-1816

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