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Now $19.95 (reg. $54.00)
$19.95 for a Pet Park Set at Luxor Linens

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Key features


  • Easy to Clean
  • Great bright colors
  • Durable and tough
Want to give your pet the best outdoor play session possible? Our Giovanni Pet Park Set will give your furry pal joy under the sun. Take meal time on the go with a convertible water dish and treat pouch that can also hold your fuzzy pals meal. This set also includes one tennis ball and one rope Frisbee for on the go fun! Available in Pink or Blue. 

1 Rope Frisbee, 1 Tennis Ball, 1 Water Bottle / Drinking Dish, 1 Treat Pouch

The small print

  • Promotional Value Expires: September 17, 2015
  • Shipping is included in the deal price. 
  • Limit of one voucher per transaction when redeeming on Merchants Website
  • Final Sale
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Luxor Linens
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