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SuddenRewards is a new and easy way to raise money for your organization/company or simply earn extra cash for yourself. How it works is easy: Local businesses – that your community knows and loves – want to reach out to the community and thank them for their support. They do this by running a great offer that is 50-90% off, and then give you a percentage of every sale you bring their way!

Earning money with SuddenRewards is simple. You don’t need to be a web programmer, we will provide you with everything you need! Once you've signed up just copy and paste the code provided into your website, blog, or email and you’re done! Our dynamic widget updates automatically to display the latest offer for your local market to ensure your visitors never miss out. Every sale that you refer earns you money!

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If you do not have a SuddenValues account and wish to participate in SuddenRewards you need to: 1. create a SuddenValues account 2. check your email for a verification link and verify account 3. login.

SuddenRewards works well for:

  • Individuals

    An easy way to earn money for yourself by simply spreading the word!


  • Businesses

    Web designers, media consultants, bloggers, Shop Owners and more!


  • Non-Profits

    Schools, churches, clubs, camps, marching bands, youth groups, ministry groups, pre-schools, chambers, humane societies and numerous other types of non-profit organizations.


  • Media

    Radio & television stations, newspapers, blogs and more!


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