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Frequently Asked Questions at SuddenValues

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please let us know of any unsatisfactory experiences so we can address your concerns.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Is SuddenValues/SuddenBlitz safe?

Yes. We take the security of your personal information as our priority. Your credit card information is transmitted directly via 128-bit SSL encryption to our provider's secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.

We DO NOT sell any of your personal information to any third parties.

I tried to log in but the system is telling me - "Your account has not yet been verified." What should I do?

The first thing you need to do before you log in into your SuddenValues account is to verify your account as a proof that you own the email address you have provided. To verify your account you will need to click on the activation link in the email you were sent from SuddenValues. If you did not receive this email, click on < Resend Activation Email > to resend the activation email to the email you provided to us.

How can I access my account?

To access your account, visit From there, type in your email address and password in the upper right hand corner Log In box. After you have logged into your account, you will see a new set of menu items with options to access your Personal Purchases, Personal Profile, etc.

I tried to sign up for an account but it says my email address is already in use, what do I do?

If your account is already established in our system, you do not need to re-sign up for an account, you can log in to your existing account. If you forgot your password, click on < Forgot Your Password > and a new one will be sent to the email address that you signed up with. If your account has not yet been verified, you will need to have the verification email resent to you.

But it's my first time at SuddenValues? You are receiving this message because you provided your email address and permission to receive deals & updates from your local participating merchants.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

If you are having trouble signing into your account because of your password, click on the < Forgot My Password > link in the upper right hand side of the page. You will then be prompted to enter your email address that you used when you signed up, click on < Reset My Password >. Check your inbox for your new password. After you receive a generic password, log into your account using your email address and the generic password, you can then change your password to your preferred password in your "Personal Profile" after you successfully log in.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner's Club.

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SuddenBlitz Questions

How can I get the today's SuddenBlitz offer?

Just click the < Get It > button and proceed with checkout before the offer ends. You need to sign up for an account or log into an existing account on to place purchase.

I purchased a SuddenBlitz offer, How can I use it?

After you've purchased a SuddenBlitz, login to your account; navigate to the "Purchases" from the "My Account" tab. From there you will see a list of purchases you have made through, click �Print� to print your voucher, present your voucher to the valid merchant locations as stated on your voucher. Enjoy!

Can I buy SuddenBlitz as a gift for someone?

Yes, you have the option to gift a SuddenBlitz voucher to someone else, in the "Purchases" section under the "My Account" tab, click on "Gift" to send your voucher to someone else via email. However, after you have gifted a voucher, you can no longer change the name on the voucher. You can print it and give it to them directly or you can send it to them in an email. Every SuddenBlitz voucher is only transferable once.

I have two charges on my credit card statement, but only purchased one SuddenBlitz.

A lot of banks and credit card companies will place a second pending charge for online purchases, once the charge goes through, the second pending charge will drop off and you will only be charged for the amount you purchased.

The business on my SuddenBlitz voucher closes down, what should I do now?

In instances that make it impossible for you to redeem your voucher, contact SuddenValues. We will make sure you get your money back.

Does the SuddenBlitz voucher have to be used the same day I buy it?

No. SuddenBlitz has an expiration date as stated on the voucher. Most have a 3 to 12 month expiration date. Please see voucher value after expiration date in the voucher.

How can I feature my business on SuddenBlitz?

Please contact us at We are happy to get your business on board.

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SuddenValues Questions

I signed up for SuddenValues, now what?

In order to see a merchant's deals/offers/coupons, you have to follow them. There are hundreds of merchants on the right hand side of the screen, mouse over the merchant and click < Follow >. The merchant�s offers should start appearing on your wall within a few minutes. To find more businesses, click on < See All > to the right of Merchants to Follow. Start following your favorite merchants now!

How can my business join SuddenValues?

You can sign up your business for FREE! If you are new to the system, make sure to fill out the sign up form on the right hand side of the screen and check the box next to < Sign up my business > .

Please contact us at to learn more about our service.

How can I upgrade my account?

Click upgrade button located on the left menu, or an option to upgrade is also available under "Company Profile".

I have 75 Subscribers in Queue under Business Subscriber Status, what does this mean?

This means that you have 75 new subscribers that are following your business but not receiving your offers. To take advantage of the new 75 leads, you have to upgrade your account to higher level.

Where is SuddenValues based?

SuddenValues is headquartered in Wenatchee, Washington. We also have employees in cities across the U.S.

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